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Help with my paladin

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Hi guys, I have seen paladins heal for more then i am currently, they seems to have alot more illuminated healing for the same fights i am, please feel free to tell me what i am doing wrong, im trying to follow the guide here the best i can, maybe I'm missing something.



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Your gear looks all right. Though it is low for Throne of Thunder...

It is probably your play style. The first thing that sticks out to me is your holy shock usage. on this particular fight, you only used it 28 times out of a possible 43~. You also seem to be dumping all of your holy power into light of dawn when in reality you need to balance between Word of Glory and Light of Dawn. People are not going to be taking a ton of damage at the beginning of that council fight. So WoG's are especially useful for the random bolt damage going out and for the tanks. Next would be your holy light usage, while yes it is great to spam as a filler, but it shouldn't be your only cast time spell. You need to learn how much Divine light heals for and use it to help snipe some healing with HS crits. Learning how much your spells heal for relative to your bars will help you make better decisions on which spell to use.

If there is a ton of raid damage and most of everyone is stacked, use Holy Radiance. That can contribute to a big part of your Mastery Healing. Last thing I see is your mastery bubbles were at a 12% over heal, while my guilds pally had 2%. Granted, on Jin'throk there is a lot of raid wide damage and its easy for his bubbles to be eaten While the overheal is not something you can really fix yourself, it means that the shields expired without being used and you might have been using heals on people that might not necessarily needed it. A good way to fix this is just pick and choose your heals on people taking damage with holy light, and if no one is taking any then spam the tank or generate holy power. Another way to fix it is to track it on your bards, and use eternal flame to help keep shields up on people not taking that much damage.

Now I'm going to take a Jin'throk kill from our guild to compare a little bit. Please bear ion mind this paladin has WAY more gear then you and probably more experience, so he can get away with doing a lot of extra things. Also since it is 25 and not 10, he can get away with using holy radiance more.

He seems to do a lot more healing with eternal flame, which helps keeps your mastery bubble active if people are not taking damage. He is also using a few crusader strikes to gain some Holy Power. With your low levels of gear, I would recommend this to gain cheap and on demand holy power.

The biggest thing for a holy pally is being able to gain holy power to use when you need it on the people that need it most. I would also suggest using holy prism on fights where you are more spread out since Lights hammer cant always reach a lot of people, especially 10 man.. And I would also look into eternal flame for most fights and use WoG more often.

Sorry its a bit long, but I hope it helps some.

Edit: I'm sorry, i was looking at Beacon over healing, not Mastery, changing the number now.

Edited by Krazyito
Used wrong over healing numbers for Mastery Healing

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