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Help! which valor item to purchase first?

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I feel like a complete noob asking, but I dont want to waste my valor so I'm gonna ask anyway. What should I purchase first? I'm currently destro but really, really want to go back to affliction. I was going to get the Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault but was wondering if it was going to make me keep hitting the haste cap with my Essence of Terror? Then I read somehere that there isn't a haste cap, so what to do? Is there something better I should be spending my valor on?



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If you want to feel like you're on crack when your two haste trinks, DS and Bloodlust/Hero are all rolling at the same time then go for it Posted Image. Personally my computer/latency can't deal with that much haste for malefic grasp clipping and what not.

Your Relic and Essence trinkets are pretty close in terms of theoretical DPS via Zagam's Trinkets thread. They are pretty much interchangeable since your Relic isn't upgraded. Getting that Volatile Talisman will definitely last you a while though, but you can see that there are some raid finder 502 trinkets that outrank it for Affliction. For Destruction the Talisman is one of the best trinkets you'll get until you get in to ToT on normal mode.

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From my knowledge, if you were to go back to affliction & use GrimSac at your current Ilvl you should be able to achieve 6713 (Guess) haste & then a similar amount of mastery following behind. HOWEVER, I'm not sure if that is the case now in 5.2 since GrimSac now gives simcraft a lower rating for mastery.

I am Ilvl513 as of last night and I've just hit the agony high agony threshold at 9.7k haste and my sims are telling me now to stack mastery, since it's only around 6.5k. I think keep stacking haste without losing too much more mastery.

Valor gear is nice for locks, which sucks because I want TF gear with Mast/Haste garrrrrhhhgggh..

And you are right, there isn't a haste "cap" but only achievable ratings that provide extra ticks with the gear that's available to us. The rating in 5.0/5.1 was 6713 and with higher gear it's now 9.7k. Eventually mastery will take the lead though maybe in 5.3/5.4.

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