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Destro PVP

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Good afternoon all. I have a PVP question about destruction spec. I have been affliction since vanilla. (Execpt for DS where I was demo for about 15 minutes). I do enjoy random BG's and I do build my PVP set quite well.

That being said I have no idea how to play destro in a PVP settings., I'm used to topping the damage done meters by spread dots everywhere, but now I'm not doing nearly quite as well.

Could anyone share any tips for PVP? I don't really care about arena, I'm simply talking about battlegrounds.

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I typically find that as Destro, you don't focus entirely on 'topping' the damage meter. What good is a bunch of easily-healed through spread out damage via Fire and Brimstone when you can create intense pressure on one person? Destro is typically valued high in RBGs as they can spread a TON of damage out and be ready for intense bursts of singular and dual target damage. In normal BGs, where organization is much less rampant, you will find that your most effective methods of performing in PvP depend on situations and types of games.

Arathi Basin - Don't neglect your Succubus if you guard Lumber Mill. Knocking players off of LM is quite amusing, especially because Whiplash is a little-known ability. If you choose to roam and kill, you'll find you're most effective running up into an area, dropping Rain of Fire to find stealthies, and blowing up two people with CDs and Havoc Chaos Bolts. Your Gateway can be utilized to scour back and forth between Gold Mine and Farm with relative quickness.

Warsong Gulch - Destruction is awesome for defense. Rain of Fire the room below and many will hesitate to run under. Set your portal on the 2nd story and engage an enemy. If they prove to be difficult, port up and continue blowing them up (disregard if fighting a Death Knight). Destruction can also be utilized in drawn out games once a flag carrier has accumulated some stacking vulnerability debuffs. Line up Dark Soul + other procs and a Chaos Bolt and you could darn near one shot the guy.

Temple of Kotmogu - obviously this is where you have the most fun as Destruction. Get yourself an Orb and enjoy picking people off one by one. Always use Havoc on CD to split Chaos Bolts. When you start to take massive damage, roll through your defensive CDs and fight people until you get 1 shot by someone else. If you see someone who has had the flag for a while, Chaos Bolt them and start walking in the direction of the orb spawn...your target will die, I guarantee it.

There are lots of quirks with each battleground for Warlocks, and Destruction has quite a heavy toolkit. Use appropriately.

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