Unholy DK: Unholy frezy + Berserking?

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I have 9.8k haste atm, purely from gear+reforges, gemmed for max strength.

Edit 2:

Refined my questions : Would be grateful if anyone could help me on these.

Is Runic Empowerment bettere than Runic Corruption for Unholy dps, when im sitting at 9.8k haste?

Does it require 'gaming' in unholy, to be better than Runic Corruption, if so how does this work?

What rune do I 'game'

As a troll DK, should I be using gary with berserking always, also since lust does not stack with unholy frezy

but frezy stacks with berserking, should I use frezy+berserking together with gary every 3 mins or is it better to

chain lust-berserking-frenzy (and use gary with bersersking spell haste)

All dk specs have a gcd of 1 second, so does that mean any aditional haste value / haste % buff etc caps us?

making the main benefit of haste lowering our rune regen speed?

Thank you

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At 541 ilevel, RE and RC are pretty much tied. There is no way to game RE for unholy. Properly managed BT is about .5% ahead. If you want to check for your own gear, sim it!

Lust DOES stack with UF and berserking and you'll generally get better results if you stack them all together. On average, you'll end up with more overall casts of UF and berserking. DK GCD doesn't change, and some of the rune regen benefit will be lost due to not being able to spend it fast enough, but this is made up by the multiplicative effect of haste on melee damage (both yours and your pets), as well as extra procs from rppm things.

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