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anyone else find it a bit strange/annoying that server cost = 20 EU, but doing a server + faction cost = 55 EU?

yesterday someone asked GC about the population problem, and he gave the same bland answer bliz has been giving for two years. - we are aware of the issue and looking into it. What i think that means is that they are looking at the revenue gained from transfers vs the revenue loss of accounts giving bliz the finger - and are waiting for which number is greater to switch before dealing with the issue as until that does, they have no incentive to do anything about it...

GC, if you truly think it is a problem lower/remove the cost of server transfers in the mean time while you 'sort it out' and see if the people can sort it out for themselves.

Give each char 1 free faction/server transfer every 8 months, or give an option to be able to move char + alts at a reasonable price.

can anyone please confirm that if you do a faction transfer and you are in the middle of the legendary quest that you WILL loose all your secrets of the empire?

bliz transfer faq states that you loose all quests, and quest items when you do a faction transfer.

Thirdly, when doing a GUILD migration, does the authenticator have to be set to ask you for number every log in? or if you have it set to ask you for logging into bliz website + every IP switch asking you for number when logging into game sufficient?

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