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Unholy vs Frost in Legion

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Hi guys,


reading about all kind of changes in legion, obviously i like some and dislike some. 


What I am wondering about is: Artifact Weapons and the ability to multi-specc in Legion.


As it is currently, giving you got the gear, you can freely switch between speccs. 


In theory this is the case in Legion - in fact it might be difficult as there (i believe) will be a gap between your current, therefore mainspecc and any offspecc that you play less frequently. 


Other difficulties I see are e.g. if someone plays a raidonly specc during raids / groupplay but another specc for questing (healer/moonkin e.g.).





My question is - what will be your choice in Legion and why? Frost or Unholy? 


I personally think ill be going for frost if I dont get the chance to Alpha / Beta test it beforehand - solely because it looks more interesting to play (what i can tell from youtube footage) 


Plus I dont even like to play unholy in the current tier. 


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For awhile there will be a considerable gap between your main and offspecs. You will "eventually" be able to obtain the other artifacts for your class but they start at 0 and you have to build them back up. In addition, there is also the case of the randomnly dropping legendary items.  Many are very powerful and obtaining them will further strengthen one spec and increase the gap for the other. Plus with almost everything you do granting more artifact weapon juice, it behooves one to not jump around a lot. 


that being said, as far as frost vs unholy in legion (blood exists too XD) its too hard to say right now. they update the alpha every 27 minutes and while frost has remained considerably the same, unholy gets taken apart and put back together again. while the festering wound mechanic is certainly intriguing the problem unholy alpha dks are running into is getting gcd capped. you are so busy applying and popping blisters you can't do anything else. so the original apocalypse ability didn't fit in the rotation, it took too long to cast, so they revamped the weapon ability (like 4 times). even now, they are still overhauling unholy again trying to make it work right. the class lore behind it is great and i like getting an abomination but it has some issues.


frost is in a better place initially but gear scaling and diminishing returns may crap on it. devs have already said they ideal rune spender for single target is obliterate. this makes the talent choice for single target easy, take obliteration, use it, spam obliterate, empower runic weapon, obliterate some more, profit. also with aoe its clear frost is already powerful with that. so early legion frost is looking great however gear scaling is an issue. obliterates damage isn't going to scale as well as we progress further and further ie will get weaker. so the question is where will frost turn? i think frost will eventually end up rocking bos even with the value of frost strike. with the current alpha talent set ups its is very easy to keep up bos for a long time (much easier then current wod). its damage is not that impressive but since it scales better with our gear late legion i forsee it being very strong. that, or glacial advance will surprise us and be very powerful. 


so between the two, frost to me is in a much better place. and it plays a lot better. unholy is gimmicky right now, but the rotation boils down to , put on blister, pop the blister, put on blister, pop the blister, put on blister, pop the blister. yes it has disease still and pet management but it seems lack luster. now once we get legion update number 18,234 unholy might perform much better. for now though, probably frost for dps


also blood is pretty solid and fun :)

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