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Almost new boomkin needs help with dps!

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Im always under 25% mark in performance on warcraftlogs and i feel like i could do more dps but im doing everything i can and can think off to increase the dps.
I think i might be doing a rotational error somewhere or something else since its so consistantly low all the time.
Ive only played boomkin for like 3 months so im still reading guides everywhere and trying to improve.


logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/bm6z7hNTjP9cqJ2y#fight=5


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Beetleguise/advanced


im following a rotation ive picked up from various places.

im doing the opener as in the opening guide here on this forums.


Starsurge to avoid cap

Keep dots up

Starsurge whenever i need empowerment




What i think the problem is, that i might have misunderstood something about how the ecplise cycle works and cast the wrong spell to soon or to early, dunno if you can verify that on warcraft logs?


Thanks for your time!


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Hey how's it going smile.png


After going through your logs there are a few things I wanted to touch on before we deep dive into the numbers. Let's look at overall rotation, talents, and glyphs first.


I'm a little unclear on what you mean when you state "Starsurge to avoid cap."

The only time you should cast Starsurge when you already have empowerments is to avoid being capped when you get a ability_mage_arcanebarrage.jpgShooting Stars proc. A wasted proc would be one that procs while you are at 3 charges.


This means don't cast two Starsurges in a row if you are about to reach a third charge on Starsurge. Do not preemptively dump Starsurges in order to avoid being capped. This is a huge dps loss.


Regarding the eclipse cycle, it's fairly basic. Cast Starfire in Lunar Phase, Wrath in Solar Phase and you need to make sure to refresh your Sunfire dot if the dot duration is going to be less than 20 seconds remaining on an add when you are leaving Solar Phase.


Also regarding your dot's, I usually always use my ability_druid_eclipse.jpgLunar Peak and ability_druid_eclipseorange.jpgSolar Peak buffs. However, refreshing your dots early instead of casting an empowered Starfire during certain moments is a dps loss. On the other end of the cycle there is more tolerance for casting Sunfire due to the shorter duration on Sunfire and the fact that your refresh in order to not have the debuff wear off while you are in Lunar Phase will almost always overlap with a peak buff. Also, you really want to use Solar phase for moving if you can't get to where you need to go in betwen gcds.


That being said, there are two additional pointers about the boomkin rotation that I'd like to touch on.


1) The whole rule about "Only cast Starfire in Lunar Phase and Wrath in Solar Phase" is not entirely true. The damage bonus from ability_druid_eclipse.jpgMastery: Total Eclipse is accounted for when your cast is completed. For example, if you are leaving Solar Phase and by the time you finish casting a Starfire you will be in Lunar Phase, then you should cast a Starfire. This works both ways and you will get a better feel for your cycle with practice.


2) When dealing with multiple adds during an encounter it is important to remember that we have achievement_worldevent_lunar.jpgAstral Showers. This means if you have a lot of adds that are stacked up you don't need to cast a Sunfire on each target. On a similar note regarding dots, there is a little bit of thinking on the fly with multiple adds during an encounter. Only cast a Moonfire on an add if it will be alive for a considerable amount of time relative to the dot uptime. It's a dps loss to dot up an add that's going to die quickly. You should continue to do single target damage on your main target or switch targets during a GCD and continue your rotation on the new add.


For example: Your raid leader says "Everyone switch to Voidfiends." on Xhul'horac. If everyone switches and does their job then the adds are going to die very quick. There's no point in casting anything other than either a Wrath or a Starfire if the adds will only be alive for 4-5 seconds... Like most of this stuff you'll get a better feel for the more in-depth aspects of maximizing your dps with more practice.


For your talents you want to be using spell_druid_stamedingroar.jpgGlyph of Stampeding Roarability_eyeoftheowl.jpgGlyph of Moonwarding, and spell_nature_reincarnation.jpgGlyph of Rebirth. This is standard for PvE boomies. ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgGlyph of Entangling Energy is not a viable benefit to raid utility currently.


For talents I would suggest that you use spell_nature_natureblessing.jpgRenewal as a situational response to large amounts of damage. inv_misc_head_dragon_green.jpgYsera's Gift is an ok talent but the fact of the matter is, Renewal is going to save your life more often than Ysera's will. As for raid utility, if your healers can't keep people alive without the heals from Ysera's then there's probably a good chance that you're not going to be at full health.


All your other talents are standard besides ability_druid_dreamstate.jpgDream of Cenarius. Do not use this talent. It just isn't viable. Never use this talent. Just don't. smile.png


Nature's Vigil is the best choice for overall utility and individual survivability. HoTW is for more situational utility like tanking a boss or an add.


Alrighty. Let's get into the logs. Hopefully I've cleared up everything and/or touched on something you previously didn't know. If not I apologize.


Since you mentioned the relative homogeneity of your damage parses I'm just going to look at your most recent Mythic Kormrok parse. I think we can find enough in here to at least get you going in the right direction.


I saw three things that I wanted to touch on.





First off. Just stating the obvious here. Work on keeping those uptimes as close to 100% as possible.




Next, I see on the pull you casted a Starsurge and then three Starfires before casting another Starsurge. Make sure you don't lose dps by casting an unempowered spell when you have Starsurge stacks waiting. It's a little hard to tell because I didn't go and look at the timeline of your Shooting Star procs but the spread just doesn't look optimal. If you can just focus on optimal utilization of your empowerements that's most of all there is to playing boomkin well.




I think I may have found the smoking gun here. Looking back at your casts I see that you casted Celestial Alignment at 17 seconds into the fight but waited until 22 seconds to cast incarnation. During the duration ring was up you dotted adds. Remember what we talked about regarding dotting adds that will only be alive for a short duration. Instead of dotting all of the hands you should have dotted the boss while CA was up with hands so they all get the dot spread and continue your rotation hoping that you have Starfull up for the entire time.


The fact of the matter is that Boomkin damage is focused around maximizing your damage during cooldowns. If you don't then your dps is going to drop dramatically. Make sure you use Incarnation and CA with eachother. Making sure you are always in Lunar Phase before casting CA and you really don't want to go into your cooldown phase without any Starsurges in reserve. It is ok to pool them before a big damage phase as long as you don't waste procs of Shooting Stars. The legendary ring really magnifies the importance of doing optimal damage when cooldowns are up in conjunction with ring. Yeah it kinda sucks that our single target damage is relatively low when we don't have our cooldowns up but if you can get the most out of your opener and big damage phases when ring is up then you can start seeing some big ole' numbers on the meters.


Sheesh... this got longer than I intended it to be.


Hope this helps.

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