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Frost mage help!

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I need some help on what I am doing wrong as a frost mage. Recently, I have been noticing steady declines in my dps on boss fights. My guild is currently doing Heroic 10man progression. I rarely get to see any raids as usually I am sat out on the first two bosses that they do on heroic mode, which they proceed to take ages to do and it usually carries over to the next day. But the times I am in the raid my dps barely breaks 120k while everyone else is skyrocketing ahead of me. Our rogue is sitting at 250k while the lowest (besides me) is sitting at 160k.

I have recently race changed from orc to undead so most of my logs are gone.

Current WoW character


My usual rotations is this:

1. NT apply, keep refreshed.

2. Frost Bolt to apply debuff and wait for Ice Lance or Brain Freeze

3. FFB if Brain freeze, otherwise IL, if 2 IL and BF is active, Alter Time.

4. Frozen Orb

5. Frost Bolt as filler.

During Bloodlust i use my CDs of IV and Mirror image.

I am using Elvui.

Any help is welcomed.

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It is pretty unfortunate that you cannot provide logs because it is not too much that you have provided.

Are you keeping up invocation buff 100% throughout the fight?

Do you stand in pools?

Don't you feel you spend too much time moving around instead of casting?

If this whole topic is about Jin'rokh, then yes. You should wait until a pool pops, then pop your CDs, potion etcetc.

Other than that, the rotation is pretty much fine however, you should rather use alter time, when your trinkets, and CDs are procced/popped instead of wasting it for FoF and BF charges. If you have those as well, it is kewl but it's not worth it. :3

One more thing I realized, is your sword. Once you can replace it with a ToT normal staff your DPS should increase significantly.

But really, it would be pretty nice if you could provide a combatlog to us.

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Ive also stated that i race changed and my combat logs are no longer in existance.

I keep invocation up at all times.

I do move around a lot on fights because of poor placement and when i find a spot that i can pewpew at, i am told i am in the wrong area.

As for Jinrokh....i have not seen a heroic kill till yesterday and the last time i did that fight was too long ago, but i do save CDs for pools.

As for alter time, yeah i havent thought of that instead.

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