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How to make the most from World PvP in Broken Isles - Concept

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How to make the most from World PvP in Broken Isles

Since the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance has always been a prudent topic to dwell in, I present you an endgame concept which could have some potential. Keep in mind this is all just an idea and if you try hard enough, you can find flaws in the concept.


Let’s begin


The core idea of the concept is to use the map of Broken Isles as a tool where the Alliance and Horde can clash; giving it the feeling that the world is being used, and is full of players, is a thrilling idea.

Using different tools to achieve immersive PvP content which is always dynamic and has something to offer is the main goal. Keep in mind that this is an open world thing which involves A HUGE NUMBER OF PLAYERS

Keep in mind that this concept could make use of the rest of Azeroth as well!

Thank you and I hope you´ll enjoy!



How does it work?


The Map would be carved out into “Influence zones“one by one. That means that Suramar is its own influence zone and Azsuna is another influence zone etc.

All of these zones would have 5 main hubs/stations which would be connected via roads.

Heavily guarded caravans with unknown treasury and resources travel from one station to another praying for a regular journey with no problems


Each faction would have offshore “Capital“where NPCs would give you quest for areas that are currently under siege. Therefore, players could jump right into combat where they are needed.


Every time a station gets conquered the factions influence over the map expands bringing benefits to that particular faction


These hubs are initially neutral elven ruins of former stations. If your faction manages to capture them(capture the flag inside the station) your faction will control that particular hub in 1 minute if the flag does not get recaptured by the opposite faction.



DEFENDERS POINT OF VIEW- Can be escorting caravans to reap benefits

  • Can be protecting garrisons under siege

  • Can be fighting outside the hub, protecting objectives

  • Can launch counter-offensive on one of the airships with your own airship (the airships get close and combat ensues. If your ship gets destroyed, you are falling with it!)




  • Can ambush caravans

  • Can infiltrate the convoy and escort it into the opposite
    faction´s hub

  • Can scale the walls

  • Can use the underground tunnel to get inside

  • Fight for objectives

  • Rewards for capturing the garrison

  • Can use the airship to get inside from time to time

  • Killing everybody to achieve the supreme victory


Working your way inside the Garrison



The stations have underground tunnels which can be exploited to get inside the garrison. However, the Access to this is not guaranteed. The catacombs are near the garrison itself. Whoever is able to defeat the monsters guarding it, shall pass!

  • 2 minute Access after that the mobs respawn and have to be killed again.
  • The garrison end of the catacombs if guarded by NPCs with stealth detection.

Caravans will be a vital piece in outsmarting the opposite faction.

If you hold more than 3 stations, quest item will allow you to disguise yourself as the opposite faction and escort it into the heart of another station

The same goes if a faction is holding 5 stations. It is a good way to invade the zone and capture the first station.

  • Scenario:

  • Horde captures 3 out of 5 stations in a zone; Horde is now able to disguise themselves (quest item required) if they successfully ambush the caravan.

  • Horde has captured 5 out of 5 stations in a zone; Alliance is now able to disguise themselves (quest item required) if they successfully ambush the caravan.






The stations would have 4 entrances with gates. Walls surround the garrison to protect it from the incoming invaders.

How can we scale the walls?

  • Gates can be opened from within by a lever which would keep the gates open for X amount of time

  • Walls can be destroyed by bombs

  • Every X amount of time an airship would assault/help. Players can parachute down Spawns from the offshore capital and it is limited to 10 players

  • Defenders can launch their own counter-offensive airship to destroy the other airship.








1 Station:

  • Order hall resources
  • Progression in your pvp rank
  • No caravans
  • Achievement
  • Gold

2 Stations:

  • Escorting caravans; if they make it to the another hub safe and sound, you´ll receive a reward
  • More PvP progression, order hall resources, gold

3 Stations:

  • Better rewards for bigger and more vulnerable caravans
  • More PvP progression, order hall resources, gold
  • Caravans security level is the highest; if the caravan gets defeated, conquerors can disguise themselves as the opposite faction and escort it straight into the heart of another station(quest item required)
  • Gold, PvP progression, order hall resources, gold

4 Stations:

  • Caravans for the opposite faction stop spawning because they have only one station left
  • Gold, PvP Progress, Order hall resources

5 Stations:

  • Zone Dominance achievement
  • Frequent, vulnerable caravans ; if ambushers succeed, they can disguise themselves as the opposite faction and escort it straight into the heart of another station(quest item required)
  • Tabard
  • Ground Mount
  • Title
  • Order hall resources, PvP progression, gold

If player participates in capturing and spreading influence of his faction over every zone in the Broken Isles he receives:

  • Flying Mount
  • Title
  • Good chunk of gold
  • Rare PvP portrait
  • Cosmetic Items Available for Purchase
  • A lot of other stuff I cant think of

TL;DR - Ongoing PvP battle on the Broken Isles in the leveling areas with 5 bases, ambushable caravans, airships. Ashran and Wintergrasp 2.0 - done right.

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