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INTRO to High Koalaty Gaming! 


Hello everyone and thank you for taking a look at our post. High Koalaty Gaming is a TeamsSpeak based community that is currently expanding out to other games, such as: Rust, 7 Days 2 Die, Hearthstone, ARK, and more in the future!


We host Hearthstone tournaments once a day @ 8:00 PM EST!


We can be found at the following places:




We have tournaments once a day starting at 8:00PM EST , the lobby for the tournament opens 30 Minutes before the tournament, they are hosted on our TeamSpeak server and Discord.


Already have TeamSpeak? Just connect to us! IP:

Already have Discord? Just connect to


Our Tournaments are prized! Weekdays the Tournaments are prized with 3 Euros and Weekends the Tournaments are prized with 5 Euros! Everyone is encouraged to participate because the more people participating the bigger the prize pool!  Please follow us on social media below for more information




* Matches are Best of 3. (Semi-Finals/Finals are Best of 5). All matches are conquest style.

* Four decks are brought and your opponent may ban one of them.

* Repeat decks are not allowed. (Ex. Face Hunter, Reno Hunter, etc.)

* Screenshots of your decklist may be requested at any time by a Hearthstone Tournament Official.

* If found to be using multiple decks, you will be disqualified from the tournament and possibly from future events


Social Media 



Once again thank you for considering High Koalaty Gaming and we look forward to seeing you at our events!


-Princess Peach [High Koalaty Gaming Staff]

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