Analysis of my Ret Paladin!?

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Hi again!

Can pls do a short analysis of my paladin and how well or bad i was in the raid with my G!?

My armory link is :

That was my first run of Toes and shoulders that i have i got them after that run of toes!

here is my log link so pls can u give me overrall input of where i am doing worng!?

I dont use clc coz with that i cant fallow all the stuff that is going on in raid, but i always try to use ret pala rotation!

Thx VM for all the info! :)

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Inquisition uptimes:

Protectors = 69.1%

Tsulong = 53.5%

Lei Shi = 75.9%

Tsulong and Lei Shi I can see because of the no targetting phases in the fight. A 70% uptime on Inquisition on Protectors is fairly significant in terms of opportunistic DPS lost.

On Protectors, I see Holy Prism used. I'm no Retribution expert, but I've never seen a Ret use anything except Execution Sentence. If you're using Holy Prism to pad meters by doing damage to targets that healed to full anyways, then you lost single target DPS on targets that matter.

Perhaps someone more versed with Ret can help you further. These are the two biggest opportunities I see.

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Holy Prism is fine, if you use it on a single target then it heals the raid and does decent damage to its one target. Terrace has tons of raid-wide ticking damage, so it rarely goes to waste. But it's true that in terms of pure DPS output, it's the worst choice.

Your active time seems like it was lower than the other DPS, but mainly it was your Inquisition downtime that really hurt.

Also, you are over Hit cap by 4%, even though you reforged everything out of Hit, so you might want to consider using a different trinket. Even if it's a lower ilevel, you're just wasting too many stats. Even the DMF trinket would probably be better.

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Get rid of Holy Prism, I've not found a fight for it yet. Light's Hammer if you have 2+ targets or need a raid stacking heal. Otherwise it's Execution Sentence every time.

Inquisition should be over 90% uptime on all those fights.

I would really recommend CLCRet and go hit a dummy for a bit to make sure you have the rotation down. Even if you unload it for raids, it's a great training tool.

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You need to keep inquisition up full time. get an addon or setup a weak aura to remind you. I personally have a weak aura and audio whenever it drops

I would switch to sanctified wrath and execution sentance for most fights. use light's hammer when you will need to cleave or holy prism on aoe mobility fights like tortos.

I would not use mass excorcism glyph unless there is 4+ adds. Loosing the range can hurt your dps when boss is moved and you cannot get in meele range fast enough.

Fable feather is too good of a trinket for ret and you will have to suffer with being over hit capped. try grabbing as many haste/mastery items as you can and hope you can lower it.

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