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i might be doing this wrong but with number 3 i cast exor, judge, CS since exo has a 11-13sec CD, i dont like having to skip over abilities on my actionbars. maybe thats why im only pullin 45k dps if that. im ranking between 15-20 in raids on dps should i follow this rot or keep doin my own rot? and idk how to post the wowhead armory thingy so u guys can see my stuff. (sorry for the inconvience it may cause)

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There is more to the rotation than you posted, so read the full class guide. Your top priority is Execution Sentence, but you need to get Inquisition up first. Judgment applies an important debuff which should be up as soon as possible. So on pull, this is your optimal sequence:

- Judgment (to apply Physical Vulnerability)

- Exorcism

- Crusader Strike

- Inquisition

- Execution Sentence

After the pull, Judgment does less damage than Ex or CS, so you can put it last in your priority list.

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