HotS: Garden of Terror Game Length, Opportunity Costs, Heroes Funny and WP Moments Ep. 67

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Garden of Terror games are getting out of control! We'll also preview opportunity costs, closing with another funny episode of WP & Funny Moments.

Garden of Terror - Game Lengths

Garden of Terror games are getting out of control. Some game instances last from 40 up to 60 minutes, which is why a user on reddit asked if Blizzard plans to fix it in the near future. The developers are aware of this issue and here's an answer by trikslyr:

Blizzard LogoTrikslyr

40 minutes?! Holy macaroni!

Long games on Garden of Terror is something we're aware of. There's an issue in which the Garden Terror is dealing a little less than the intended amount of damage against structures, and we have a fix planned for an upcoming patch.

We're also internally exploring some other slight changes to shorten games. Those adjustments may come at a later date, if needed.


Move + Mount Fix Underway

A user pointed out that the Chromie patch messed up the previous model of being able to click "Move", press mount and automatically continue moving the moment you're mounted. Trikslyr reported that a fix is in the works.

Blizzard LogoTrikslyr

We're looking into it right now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Understanding Opportunity Costs

Gorejaw has published an interesting thread on reddit, where he talks about opportunity costs. He talks about how every action in the game affects its outcome. Below is a preview and the full guide is available here.



Hello, I am Gorejaws. I’m #10 on the February leaderboard and multiple season challenger in LoL and I’m here to give you some tips on how to climb the ladder. I’m writing this guide because of other guides that I’ve seen in this subreddit that don’t necessarily help you make better decisions, and instead just give you some bullet points.

For example “don’t forget to soak”, “soak is the most important thing to do”, “always soak before 10”, or any other variation of it. Let me preface this guide with an anecdote of mine from solo queue:

The map was infernal shrines, it was the early game (we were maybe level 2 or 3), we had our one top and the other four clearing bot and mid (I don’t remember the exact comps we had but it’s not relevant to the point I’m making). We crashed the wave bot and were headed to clear mid when we catch three of the enemies heading to clear/soak the wave bottom. Naturally we pick the fight and start handedly winning it leaving the three of them at really low health. The other person they had mid now joins the fight, but that’s fine. We got the jump on them and had a significant HP advantage, he’s just trying to save/body-block for his teammates or maybe snipe one of our own low health members. The fight lasted long enough that the person they had top came all the way down and cleaned up. I told our top that if he had come we would’ve gotten several kills if not aced them, all he had to do was follow his lane opponent. Keep in mind that he had the same amount of time as the enemy who was top to get down there. His response was: “always soak before 10” as if he were following some kind of flowchart. So that’s the problem that I have with those kind of guides. They don’t help you make good decisions, they only give you some kind of algorithm and/or flowchart that you’re supposed to follow and hope for the best.

Opportunity cost

Every action you take in the game has an opportunity cost. Whether that action is soaking a lane, doing a merc camp, a talent choice, tapping the well, hearthing back, etc., doesn’t matter, they all have an opportunity cost. The opportunity cost of an action is what you sacrifice when you choose to take one action over another (i.e. soaking vs. fighting).

In the anecdote above I’m sure that if our top laner would’ve joined the fight we would have gotten at least three kills with the possibility of acing them. For the sake of argument let’s say that we would’ve gotten three kills with zero casualties. Therefore the opportunity cost of him soaking top lane was at least: + 3 kills, - 4 deaths, - 1 wave worth of experience (at most). So the opportunity cost of soaking that one wave worth of experience was a net swing of 7 kills worth of experience (since we were the same level). I think it’s clear that the best choice here was to go join the fight. Of course this is just an anecdote but I’m sure that you will find very similar situations in many of your games when it will come down to decisions like these. The point to be made here is that you need to evaluate every single decision you make independently from what happened in a different game. You will have to take into account the map in play, team compositions, sometimes even a player’s attitude, and a bunch of other factors before you make a decision. “Always soak before 10” and “only fight on objectives” are good general guidelines and good for beginners, but if you really want to improve you need to be able to punish your enemy’s mistakes and/or proactively make a play, which sometimes will involve sacrificing soak or fighting out of an objective.

[Continue reading...]

Heroes Funny and WP Moments Ep. 67

Similar series to WTF Moments brought to you by Darkhoru, who's working on compiling funny community footage. The latest episode can be watched below.


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I'm sick of trying to get the attention of this game's devs to just see how they actually think about some of the problems players have. 

I got no response, neither on forums nor twitter. So sick of it that I stopped playing the game...

Gonna miss you Ultimate EvolutionUltimate Evolution...


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33 minutes ago, mnime said:

I'm sick of trying to get the attention of this game's devs to just see how they actually think about some of the problems players have. 

I got no response, neither on forums nor twitter. So sick of it that I stopped playing the game...

Gonna miss you Ultimate EvolutionUltimate Evolution...


Often, they read the stuff we write but don't respond to it. I don't know whether it's because of time problems, but they will normally only reply when there is a larger group of people agreeing with what one person says. 

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I think the dev team reads pretty much everything, they just don't have time to reply. The player - Blizzard feedback (in other words, how much Blizz listens to player concerns) is imo invaluable and one of the best I've seen in modern day gaming industry.

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