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How to ask for help with Arena

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From time to time, we start to feel like we've made the wrong choice when playing arena. Whether it is during the draft, during a game or when you're staring at your 0-win prize, it's nice to be able to find out what you did wrong. 

If you're going to ask for help, it can make it a lot easier for us if you provide all the information necessary. Check out the different posting guides for each aspect below:

Draft Help

  • Either write down or take a clear screenshot of the choices presented to you.
  • Post it in a topic and we can help you understand what would be the best choice of the three.
  • Make sure your current deck is visible so that we can explain what would/wouldn't work with your other choices.

Play Help

  • Take a clear screenshot of the board and your hand so that we can understand the situation properly.
  • If you can remember any major details (the enemy just played X, the enemy has had 5 flamestrikes, etc.), make sure to include them in the post.
  • Include a screenshot of your full decklist for that arena run.

Remember, the more information you give us, the more information we can give you back. 

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