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Looking for people to PvP with?

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While playing the lone wolf can sometimes be fun, eventually you might want to press on and play some ranked PvP. If you find yourself struggling to find players to team up with, you can always use this thread to help! In order to so, we request that you use the following format in a reply:

  • State clearly what you are searching for
  • Give the basic information about yourself, such as region, class, role etc.
  • What are your specific requirements for your partner? (Rating, experience etc.)

You can check out my example posts below, detailing scenarios for an arena team:

I am looking for a team to push ranked 3s with on EU. I'm hoping to push up to 2400 from around 1800 with Turbo. I'll be playing as a Warrior. I'm playing Arms and played it to 2600 last season with Turbo. I'm looking for a Holy Paladin and an Enhance Shaman with similar experience. Both of you will need to have Skype or Teamspeak. Add me on Battletag#1234.

An RBG team:

We are a group of players looking for 2 more to fill our RBG team on US. We are currently at 1600 and are hoping to break 2000 at least this season. We are of varying experience, but all have at least been at 1800 in the past 2 seasons. We need a druid healer and a DK to fill the team, with the DK being our new target caller. You need to have similar experience to us, as well as being able to join us on Mumble. 

Please make sure you're vocal (especially the DK, a quiet target caller is never good) and have a working mic. Add me on Battletag#1234 if you feel you can fill the spot.

An achievement team:

I'm looking for 3 more people to join me (Resto Druid) and a friend (Rogue) in farming Temple of Kotmogu wins. We're going to be spam queueing for wins, just make sure you have full gear and some understanding of how the battleground actually works. We don't care if you're top on kills, we just want to win.

Add me on Battletag#1234 if you want to join up. Don't just join for 1 win, we are hoping to find a time to queue repeatedly.

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