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[LEGION] - [BM] Artefact-Pet: Hati (New form?)

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Hey ho! :)


Found the following Video on YouTube: 


This guy is talking about an item called 'Essence Swapper' (http://legion.wowhead.com/item=138393/essence-swapper).

If I unterdstand this guy correct (it musst not be right... xD) it chances Hati into a copy of your normal pet. 

But this is not the interesting thing: At the video above you can see a new look of Hati, or not? Were are our Beta Guys??? :D

While watching the video, on the left side, you can see a animation version of (new) Hati (?).


What do you think???

The other version is so damn ugly!! Can't watch it... :X



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Hati changes when you change your weapon skin to one of the artifact's new looks. Unfortunately i cannot show them as i used the essence swapper on my hati and once you do that she cannot be changed back to her original form. Hati stays in the form you changed her to. She does not turn into another pet if you summon a different one. You have to channel the essence swapper again to change here to match each pet called.

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