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A Transmog Guide Request

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Gentlemen (& Ladies if applicable),

Would you be willing/able to put in a weapon transmog page? You've already carefully listed all the tiers for each class and hit up special sets, but I find it difficult to find a weapon transmog guide anywhere. I have a personal interest in this with the inclusion of a glyph that will allow my Felguard to randomly wield any polearm, 2H Axe, or 2H Sword in my direct inventory.


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Assuming you are a Warlock you should check out this page. You can see all the different models for every slot on you character. If you scroll down a little bit you will find the weapons.Just click one of the two options and you will be able to browse them easily.

This will only show weapons your class can use so if you are looking for a 2H axe, sword or polearm I'd suggest you look in the warrior section, paladin section or any other section that has one of these weapons..

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