Rosterpocalypse: The Grand Showdown

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Once again, great changes have happened in the North American competitive scene recently and we have rounded them up in this article.

Less than a month ago, we talked about the beginning of the rosterpocalypse and, as you will see, the "fun" is far from over. Welcome to another article full of roster swaps, old teams disbanding and new ones being born, people calling it quits and generally lots and lots of drama.

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Let's start with the teams who have disbanded. We've already talked about the end of Cloud 9, who has abandoned HotS altogether, and TempoStorm, who is looking to pick up a new HotS roster. We should mention that former C9 captain Derek "DunkTrain" Arabian is retiring as a player and is working on a casting career. Unfortunately, two other NA teams have disbanded: Team Name Change and Brain Power. In the following paragraphs, you will see names from both of these teams being part of new teams.

Time to focus on the various roster swaps and we warn you that none of the NA teams was left completely unscathed. Firstly, Team Naventic recently released tank/melee flex player and one of the original members of the team (back when it was still known as Bob Ross Fan Club) Stafford "McIntyre" McIntyre. Zuna has taken over the role of the tank, while Naventic haven't yet announced who will be replacing McIntyre (who is now a free agent).

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Moving on to more juicier events, Manny "Fury" Medina was removed from Gale Force Esports because of, as he claims, his girlfriend. The org has their own explanation and it's difficult to know which side is being (more) truthful. Another team, Astral Authority, announced that they are releasing Jerome "KilluZiion" Tanguay and benching Jon "Equinox" Peterson. The latter's case is slightly interesting, since Astral Authority claimed that he was trialing for other teams while still in contract with them. What is even more interesting is that Fury and Equinox have revived the Murloc Geniuses team, along with another original MG member CauthonLuck; they are also joined by Jun and psalm. To make things even more complicated than they already are, psalm is still under contract with Panda Global, who only allowed psalm to scrim with Murloc Geniuses and obviously didn't approve of the premature announcement. Panda Global might be in trouble, since they also lost Eugene "Yuuj" Tseng recently.

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The new team on the block (since Murloc Geniuses aren't technically a new team) is named Crescendo. It was only announced yesterday and its members are more or less former players of teams who have now disbanded: KingCaffeine and k1pro from Cloud 9, Matre (aPm) and Prismaticism from Team Name Change and Glaurung from Brain Power.

This leaves almost all NA teams (except from newly formed Crescendo) missing 1 to 3 members or missing a roster in general (TempoStorm), while there is a pool of around 15 well-known players who are free agents. Did all of this confuse you? Redditor itsKagekiri has made a nice document detailing all these roster swaps.

Since we are reaching the end of this article, it should be noted that most people have started getting tired of the drama and the constant fluctuations in the NA HotS scene. The Asian teams have been completely dominating since the beginning of this year and even though North America has a lot of talented players, it cannot compete properly unless a decent, stable roster is created. Thankfully, from what it seems we might be nearing the end of the rosterpocalypse, as teams need to prepare for the Fall season.

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