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Resto Shaman X Resto Druid

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Hey guys.

I have been a healer all of my wow life  (since vanilla) and I want to stay one in legion. I am having doubts between Shaman and Druid. I plan on raiding but probly going to focus more on dgs. Any tips?



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Both resto shaman and resto druid are the best raid wide and Mythic+ healers in Legion. Shaman has a better utility, druid - great timings for tank damage mitigation and now Tranq on move with 2 min CD, and so on...

Try to choose by playstyle maybe - druid is a lot of HoTs and movement, shaman - stacked AoE healing. Shaman is the best on progress, druid is still great on farm. Shaman artifact - AoE heal, druid - more power to HoTs.

I personally will try to play both classes, shaman in Mythic raids and druid in Mythic+ dungeons.

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