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It depends a bit. I'll usually open with barrage, then commence the sidewinder/marked shot/aimed shot thing. When it comes up again I'll go sidewinders(assuming marking targets proc), barrage, marked shot to refresh vulnerable and then dump all my focus into aimed shot until vulnerable runs out.

But I have t18 4piece and I imagine it's a little different without it.

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The only time when you delay barrage is the case is if you're saving it for significant add cleave. Other than that barrage is always prioritized over everything else, don't know why julian is saying otherwise.

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The answer to this question becomes self evident when you compare Barrage and Aimed Shot damage. 

Even against single target and with Patient Sniper buff, Barrage does twice as much damage than Aimed Shot, even if slightly more expensive and longer cast time. 

Marked Shot still takes priority over Barrage.  

There is an interesting interaction between Barrage and Marking Targets proc from auto attacks.

You can't auto attack during Barrage, and Barrage's cast time is almost the same as auto attack reset timer. Meaning that you're almost guaranteed to perform an auto attack after you finish casting Barrage. An auto attack that might proc Marking Targets. 

If you already had Marking Targets proc before you started casting Barrage, make sure to immediately spend it right after Barrage, so a possible proc from auto attack after Barrage doesn't overwrite existing buff.

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