[MM] Waiting for spells become ready...

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Hey ho! :)

Played and tested the MM Hunter since Wednesday. I'm not sure if I like the new play style...

ATM I've chosen my talents like the icy veins guide it says and wearing my "old" mastery/haste BM-Gear. So I have not a DPS-Problem.

The rotation is working very well (sometimes a little bit boring, 'cause it is always the same).

But now my "problem"... Playing with the "Sidewiders"-Talent feels not so smooth. I've often to wait for it - fokusless... 

Maybe it becomes a chanche with the new T-Set, because of the instant aimed shot from the HFC-Tier-Set. So is there less time for sidewiders to become ready...


One more chanche will come with the artefacg weapon and there new attacks. I'm looking forward to it!


Someone feels the same...?


Here are some logs from wednesday: HFC heroic guild-run for testing the new talents. :)


Unfortunatelly only upper without Xhul and Zakuun... If you're interesting in them and lower, I've to search for them! :D



Greetings from Katamari


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I asked the same question a few threads down from yours - have a look at the reply I got which is self explanatory, Seems the spec is focus starved to a degree by default, made worse by the T17 4 piece bonus which allows Aimed Shot casting with no delay and that of course gobbles up focus like no tomorrow

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