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Looking at my bars too much

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I find myself staring at my bars too much during combat which makes me miss certain mechanics and slows down my reaction to just about everything, what can I do about this? I assume I need to use an addon like WeakAuras or TellMeWhen to setup my cds on my screen or something along those lines, thank you in advance ^^ 

Also, here's a picture of my current UI: 


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Hi Noodleman,

Well, there is a number of reasons to check action bars frequently same as a number of answers how to avoid it :)

A reasons could be:

- being a new WoW player (I automatically check my bars a lot when playing FFXIV) or playing a new class/role

- moving to a different type of the content (raids or PvP fop example) that makes you feel uncertain in your regular playstyle.

- not having any tracking addons (the reason you wrote)

How to avoid this?

-  if you are a relatively new player to the game, role or class, most of time this habit will just go away by itself when your confidence will grow

- adjust your UI: remove all unnecessary bars / buttons / addons, so the things that you have to track and pay attention to, wouldn't be buried under a piles of useless information.

- yes, bring and configure tracking addons ^^

I am stressing the word configure because too many people are complaining that using addons like DBM, GTFO, WA or TMW flood them with a huge amount of unnecessary info so they have to remove said addons.

1. Install GTFO if you are struggling with avoiding ground damaging abilities. Its sound can awake dead so you wouldn't have to check where you are standing every second.

2. Install DBM if you are raiding. Don't listen to people whining about it shouting all the time giving a lot of unnecessary warnings. The addon comes with tracking almost all the abilities for all the roles turned on - you have to configure every encounter and all the bars and voice warnings for yourself. For example as a rogue you can leave only two types of warnings: when you have to interrupt some bosses' ability and when you have to switch targets.

3. Install WA or TMW. But before downloading somebody else's profiles and strings, write down what exactly you as a player want to track. All these sets that you can download from internet, are personalized and may be too flashy or tracking 10 skills you don't need together with 4 skills you wanted.


If I wasn't clear enough or you have some more specific questions, feel free to ask :)

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