[Patch 2.4.1] Videos Era 6 World #1 in 2/3/4 man (Only GR130 clear worldwide) !

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Hi everyone ! Here Chewingnom from <WQW> Quantum Warriors on D3, I thought it would be interesting to share our high level clears from Era 6, where our team ended up being World #1 in every group bracket. We also have been the only team in the world that achieved a GR130 4man clear !

You can find alot of high level clear videos on my youtube channel, as for instance our famous GR120 clear in the beginning of the patch, which showed to everyone that Heal Crusader was a viable alternative in the metagame. Here are the videos of our final clears in Era 6 :


[Diablo 3] Era 6 GR121 2man World #1 [14:25]

[Diablo 3] Era 6 GR127 3man World #1 [14:29]

[Diablo 3] Era 6 GR130 4man World #1 [14:58]


Enjoy and good luck to everyone for 2.4.2 ! :)

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