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Windwalker Monk mastery interactions

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Hello, friends! Got a question concerning the Windwalker Monk mastery as well as the talent "Hit combo".

The rotation page states that I should use Blackout Kick over Tiger Palm as long as I have less than four chi and are about to reach maximum energy. Does that mean that I should ignore both the mastery and the talent (which appears to lose all stacks if I use the same ability twice in a row) and still use two Blackout Kicks in a row if I'm not in the situation mentioned above, or that I should overload my chi even if I'm not close to the energy cap in order to keep up my mastery bonus damage and Hit Combo buffs? Is it viable to simply have some down time instead of wasting mastery damage/Hit Combo stacks while waiting for Fists of Fury/Rising Sun Kick?

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Ideally I think you should try to avoid getting in that situation in the first place but if you are there already.. It depends, if you took the hit combo talent it's not worth to lose all your stacks, a good trick is to channel crackling jade lightning for 1 tick then continue your rotation (that way you keep the buff), if you didn't take hit combo I'd say you just continue as normal not a big deal to have 1 atack not triggering your mastery..


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