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[LEGION 7.0+] HAVOC DH Rotations... TmW Profile

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The profile at link below is the one I use at Legion-beta at the moment. It works very well. Of course it may need some updates when the Legion Live hits. I will do if necessary then...


Please find below the HAVOC DH Rotation script (profile) for TMW addon :



Here is a video soloing the mini boss of herbalist quest "Fjarnskaggl" which the tooltip says for 5 ppl group. You can see how the TmW profile works..



How to import this profile to TellMeWhen addon:

1- Download TMW addon from curse.com if you dont have it yet
2- Go to forum topic given above and copy down the whole script starting with ^1^T^........ including ^SDHunter^^
3- Run Legion and jump into your DH
4- Open TMW window by typing /tmw
5- Go to "General" page which has profiles
6- At the very bottom you will see an empty text bar for Import/Export
7- Control-V the script you have copied
8- Click Import > From String > Overwrite (or a new profile )


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adding a video link

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Thank you Lockybalboa.. Strange enough that I never noticed that highlighting effect. The post was normal to me but what I understand it wasnt for others..

Thank you again. Btw I added a video too to show how the profile works in game.

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You can get that from a cut and paste from another website such as the wow forums. I had it before with a different post. 

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