[7.0.3 BALANCE] Question about Empowerments

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Is it a MUST to consume Lunar Empowerment when single target dpsing? And, vice versa, is it a MUST to consume Solar Empowerment when AoE dpsing?

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Its the opposite.  Though, its not a 'must'.  


Starfire will hit harder on single target in most situatuons. Though it does have an AoE cleave effect to it which makes it better to spam during cleave.  If its pure single target you want to spam Wrath (but do not cap out on lunar empowerment) and use Starfire during your trinket procs.


Bascically during trinket procs you want this priority

3 Lunar Empowerments > 3 Solar Empowerments > Starsurge > Starfire > wrath

Starsurge is always going to be your best single target spell, with Starfire being your hardest hitter during trinkets in both Single and AoE situations.   Wrath is only use to balance your empowerments as well as generate extra astral power.

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