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Traitors Oath set?

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I would like to hear people's thoughts on Traitors Oath set?


my first clear I got both items .. So currently rocking the set its 845 war forged both bracers and shoulders .. And wanted to hear everyone's feed back .. How does this set measure up ..

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Currently I'm Marks with BM is my off set..

Trinkets  are Both 850 using .. Fan of Feathers.. and the Darkmoon 850..

Wep Is only 876 and .. I'm currently 848...

Crit is at 22%

 Haste 17%

and Mastery at 19%

With 0 enchants... Cant link toon cause Armory is still not up to date

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In a 10 minute testfight vs Raider's Training Dummy in Trueshot Lodge, the buff from set bonus had an uptime of 22.79%. This equals 683.7 crit rating. Which is as strong as 523.5 mastery for Marksmanship. This set bonus worth like 3.5 sockets?!

You should wear it, nomatter what spec you play.


Of course a 10 minute test is not the best of all sources - but even if you would half that uptime, it's incredibly strong.

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