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WoW PC recommendation

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Hey all,

  I was wondering if anyone could share their system specs and video settings. I just installed a GTX1080 about a week ago with an older i7-3770K and for the most part I'm seeing frame rates above 60 at 10 settings and 1920 x 1080 resolution. However, in certain areas like Suramar, standing at the flight master at Meredil and facing Suramar city where you see the water and the trees and the city in the background, my frame rate drops to 35-40.

  Is anyone seeing similar frame rates? The GPU seems to only be at 30% power so I'm not sure if adding a second one would help. The CPU doesn't seem loaded up either. Would it help to upgrade to a 6700K or a 6850K? How about another graphics card?


Anyone with any input or experience to share is appreciated.

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I'm not enough of a computer whizz to actually help with your issue, but if it helps, I'm running 2x 980s, an i7-4770 and everything runs at 60+ for me except Dalaran sewer. Nothing runs that place properly :(

Perhaps there are certain settings you can turn down that won't affect visuals much, but will cut down the required power? Hopefully someone can help!

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I don’t think that the CPU or GPU should be the problem. What’s the ram usage? And how much memory do the add-ons take? Look if there’s a difference between where you’ve the problems and where you don’t. You also could try to reduce the graphic settings a little bit and see if that changes something (if not you at least know its not the GPU). Do you have frame drops when there are more people around? Like in Raids etc.? If not it could just be that the suramare region is poorly implemented when it comes to hardware optimization

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I'm running i5 6600K with 8Gb RAM, AMD Radeon R9 380 and Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB as a Hard Drive.

Don't have any WoW issues, can raid Mythic and stream, have fps between 60-90 in every place (30 fps in the Underbelly but I'm not into PvP so normally not coming there).

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Hey all thanks for the replies.

I don't really see frame rate drops when there's more people around. It's more specific areas. Suramar at the Meredil flight master facing towards the city I get 40 FPS. I have everything maxed and my GPU is down clocked (it will clock up or down based on load) to 1200 from 1700 max and using 20% power and 40% of its rendering capability at that frequency. I can get the frame rates up but it's frustrating having a GPU that's not even loaded up and having to lower settings.


If I go to 7 on view distance and environment details then the FPS will go to 60+. If I leave them at 10 and I change shadows to low then the FPS will go to 50+. Highmountain the FPS stays at 60+ with all settings cranked. I have 16 gigs of RAM too.


Anyone out there running everything maxed and can check their FPS at the Suramar Meredil flight master facing the city? Maybe even go stand on the little bridge by the water. When I do this there are maybe 3 or 4 people in the area.

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I would say check your addons first. I was having problems in Dal when hearthing or loading into then i turned off my cosmetic addons like sexymap and all the problems went away. 

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      Rextroy just released a new video where he one-shotted Dresta'gath with Stormstrike for 39 million damage.
      It's important to note that Rextroy reported the game-breaking bug to the developers first before releasing this video so that no one could abuse it.
      The method revolves around the Enhancement Shaman's Crash Lightning (AoE) ability that didn't have a cap on its damage boost to Stormstrike, so to one-shot Dresta'gath, Rextroy needed like a 30,000% damage boost, which corresponds to approximately 6,000 adds without any boosts.
      Here's the whole thing in more detail taken from the video description:
      Dresta'gath One-Shot Video
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      We have two Corruption fixes today, as the Gushing Wound nerf has finally arrived! There's also a fix for Ineffable Corruption and its effect on lockout times for interrupted spell schools.
      June 2 (source)
      Items and Rewards
      Corrupted Items Gushing Wound (Corruption Effect) damage over time effect has been reduced by 35%. Developer’s note: While we try to avoid changes like this outside of regular balance patch intervals, the changes we've made to the Corruption system to make Corruption more targetable and attainable risks turning a rare but powerful Corruption into the optimal choice in nearly every situation. With this reduction in damage, Gushing Wound will remain reasonably powerful in all situations, but will no longer be the most efficient source of damage per Corruption in all situations. Fixed a bug that caused the lockout time of interrupted spell schools to increase when the Ineffable Truth Corruption effect ends.
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