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killing machine proc issues

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So I started playing my dk alt again lately. I'm playing 2h frost and I'm at 489 ilevel.

I used to play this toon a lot, so I know the mechanics, just having trouble getting it right.

I'm having 2 issues at the moment... More like 1 and 1 question.

First, am I supposed to avoid ever using a KM proc on frost strike? It sometimes seems I need to either just use up KM, or wait to get runes for an obliterate.

The issue im having, it seems I just can't get the damn thing right. I'll be using obliterate and not getting any km procs. Then all of a sudden, when I need to use frost strike, that's when it procs. So I'll be frost striking to recharge runes with runic empowerment, I'll be in the middle of hitting frost strike, and I get a god damn km proc and it eats the KM.

How do you all manage them? The timing just seems off to me. Even if I slow down on frost strike and not mash the button, I seem to get a km proc right when I'm hitting frost strike and there is nothing I can do about it.

This weekend as I was gearing him up in lfr I would be top 5ish between 60 and 80k. Just feeling I should be doing better even with my I level.

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I'll preface my answer by saying that I only offspec dps, so there are better answers if you want to min/max, but I do pull 150k+ as an offspec frost dk, so my methods work well enough as a mindless way to pull decent dps on a spec/class that isn't going to be your main.

As far as using KM on frost strike is concerned: Everyone used to say wait for obliterate, but currently the consensus is not to wait and just use frost strike so you don't waste globals. Personally I wait as long as it isn't going to be more than 1 global, but otherwise I'll frost strike.

In regards to always seeming like your runes are on cooldown when you get a KM proc: What I do is try to sit on 1 obliterate at all times. Always keep at least 2 runes ready to obliterate, and only use them if KM procs, or just before the next set of 2 runes are about to refresh. The only thing you have to be careful of, is sometimes I find I get stuck sitting on my 2 blood runes, which is bad, because then a rune isn't refreshing. I suppose in that situation its best to use the last obliterate without KM, but it shouldn't happen too often.

In general you have to be patient with a frost DK, and develop a rhythm. if you go from spamming obliterate to spamming frost strike you're going to waste a lot of KM procs on frost strike. take your time, oblierate once or twice, but save the third whenever you can. Don't spam your frost strike, hit it once then wait out most of the GCD before you hit it again to make sure KM doesn't proc in between frost strikes.

I'm sure I waste a lot more globals than a good main spec frost dk, but at least by managing KM proc's correctly and keeping diseases up 100% of the time, I'm able to keep up with all of our other dps.

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i ended up just adding a swing timer to my Genosis bars and that has helped greatly. Now i only FS when the swing timer is from about 0%-75%.

It definitely helped to visually see that.

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