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Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire tracking

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So, like most good mages, I have picked up and maxed out the Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire.  While I like the fact that the buff is constant while in combat, I started getting distracted with trying to track when I had a high deck shuffle to time CD's mid-fight.  After trying to get my tracking addons ( I switch between 3) to follow the buff and not being able to get the buff to show, I decided to try naming each buff stand alone in NeedToKnow and create a separate bar stack for each deck shuffle (1: Ace of Hellfire, 2: Two of Hellfire.. etc, etc.).. And while this does work for letting me see what shuffle it is with out wincing at the buff bar to see the poorly colored number, I still feel like something could be done better.  Can someone who is good at LUA write a small add-on that works similar to the old Waldo's incanter tracker?  Just a small icon with a display for which shuffle is active?  It might not seem huge, but if I am in a fight and I am sitting on an Ace of Hellfire (955 crit) and know there is 10sec on Combustion CD, but 15sec on reshuffle, if I can see the timer showing when ( I know we can't predict shuffle) next shuffle happens, I can get more out of combustion... or even other dps CD's.

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