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Another "what should I play" topic

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Hi! First post on this forum.


I am a vanilla player that returned at the end of WoD. A lot of things have changed obviously. Even thou I believe I understand the core of the game, I find my knowledge lacking in several areas. My current dilemma is that I can't decide what class to play. I have a fire mage and a Warlock at lvl 110. I did not like the Warlock because I found the rotations a bit boring and the class slow, specially demo. They also seemed a bit weak and bland. Either that or they were hard to play.

The fire mage was fun. But I am not delivering the damage that is expected of me. I get a lot of flack in groups. I think the main reason is that a lot of fights are dependent on your mobility. I do not possess the skill to handle the fire mages rotations and dance around at the same time. I like the look of the class. And the skills have a lot of umph. But building up to a short but very intensive bust of potentially massive damage is not my play style it seems. Nor is waiting around for a proc and going from doing next to nothing on second and turning in to a powerhouse the next.


I also tried to play Arms up to level 105. It also seemed to rely heavily on procs while also being slow and at the same time being hard to play. *sigh*


I'm sick of leveling. And I won’t stand to level a single more level if it's not an investment towards the class I will main and play for most of the expansion.


I have a lot of friends playing tanks and healers. I will not be doing that.


What I would like:

Average or high dps

Low or none-existent rng

sustainable damage

Easy to level (not that important)

Usable in end game content

Easy is good, since I suck

Not a hunter


What I don't like:

Heavily relient on rng and procs

A short window of burst damage combined with a hard or advanced rotation

High cast times



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59 minutes ago, Wilusa said:

melee i would go warrior but if range is your thang i would go boomkin. Either way, happy hunting.

The OP already stated that they weren't too thrilled with warrior, so...


@ OP, I'd say go Monk.  Brewmaster for leveling is easy, you can pull every mob needed for a quest and kill them all in one go if you wanted.  Windwalker is also strong for leveling, but is a bit squishier, so you have to be careful with how much you pull at a time.  WW is also a rather fast paced spec, there is some downtime waiting for energy or cooldowns, but it's never a lot.  Keeping up Hit Combo is the most difficult thing about the spec really, and that's rather simple so long as you know what the last ability you used was.  Other than that, knowing when to forgo Fists of Fury in order to get a better/stronger Spinning Crane Kick with Storm, Earth, and Fire.

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Sounds like Enhancement Shaman is closer to what you are looking for. They are versatile and bring things to the raid while being abale to put out sustained damage and keep themselves alive. They are also fast to level with early travel form which can be also used indoors. They also get Astral recall which when set to the right place reduces travel time significantly when leveling. Their RNG procs also fit right into the rotation with abilities you would have used anyways. 

3. Strengths

  • Flexible, able to adapt to any situation
  • Great target swapping and damage on adds that need to be quickly dispatched
  • Good raid utility

4. Weaknesses

  • Average burst windows
  • Melee specialization
  • Squishy

I disagree with the Squishy and average burst windows, because enhancement shaman damage is streamlined in its rotation, and the Squishyness is offset with instant cast healing with maelstrom and leeching. 

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Adding extra information to OP.

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So I am going to say a few things. 

So before Panda Land, I played a year of the Death Knight.  I loved playing him.

I took Panda off When Dreanor launched I played my Mage (He was a little squishy but I learned to play him).  I liked being able to teleport everywhere. lol

I also played a Druid (Tank, heal), Pally (Tank), Leveled all classes to 100 (except Shaman 90 and Monk 81 currently).

What I want to say is, figure out the play style you like.  Hunter (Can be melee again this expansion), I liked healing on a shaman and also elemental.  (both based on Int). 

This expansion my "main" toon is a Protection Warrior.  Almost to unlocking the third major artifact trait, it plays so much different now then it did at the start.    I leveled that way. Got used to what I could do and what I couldn't do. 

I am not concerned about a quick level, I am more concerned with am I having fun or not.  Find a class to make you happy and enjoy the story, then sit back and enjoy.


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I reacherched the monk a bit. And I liked what I saw. I asked a guild mate about his ww monk and told him what I told all of you, and he said that I would probably like the monk. I don't like the hunter because of the estetics. I'm not really a pet person



33 minutes ago, forsettii said:

What I want to say is, figure out the play style you like.



I totally agree. I have no ambition to be OP. The only reason that it's even an issue is that I don't like to feel like a burden. This tread is more or less about finding a class that suits my playstyle or preferences in a class. That's why I tried to be as specific I could in the op.

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