The Month Ahead in World of Warcraft: October

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Weekly bonus events are officially back and here's what you can look forward to for the month of October.

First of all, you have few more days to finish with the Arena Skirmishes Bonus Event and Brewfest, since they conclude on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. As far as world events are concerned, Darkmoon Faire started yesterday, giving you a good opportunity to level your professions by 5 points. Hallow's End will start on the 18th of October.

Other than that, it seems that from now on weekly events will last a full week, as opposed to five days. The quests for these events are given by Archmage Timear, outside of the Violet Hold in Dalaran. We have two new events for Legion: the World Quests bonus event, which will award reputation with the appropriate faction for completing world quests, and the Legion Dungeon event, where the final boss of each dungeon will award an extra item.

Here is a calendar with all of October's events:

Event Start Date End Date
Darkmoon Faire October 2 October 9
Hallow's End October 18 November 1
World Quests Bonus Event October 4 October 11
Burning Crusade Timewalking Dungeons October 11 October 18
Battleground Bonus Event October 18 October 25
Legion Dungeon Event October 25 November 1

Outside of the game, don't miss the North American Arena regionals this weekend, October 8-9. By linking your account to Twitch and watching the games, you can earn an ingame title. More info and instructions can be found in this article.

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On 10/4/2016 at 2:26 AM, Darkjester79 said:

Yey another year to hope for the headless horseman's mount.

Got mine last year after farming since it was first introduced, was way too happy :D

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