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PTR 5.4 T5 Talents Discussion(Disc Perspective)

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Hi, I want to discuss the (maybe?)upcoming changes to our T5 talents.

The changes so far(copied from the Patch Notes):

  • spell_priest_burningwill.jpgDivine Insight: Divine Insight for Discipline Priests now has a 100% chance to activate its effect after using Penance, up from 40%.
  • spell_shadow_mindtwisting.jpgTwist of Fate: Twist of Fate's damage and healing threshold to activate has been increased to 35%, up from 20%.
  • spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion stays the same.


Both changes are welcome to make the decision, which T5 talent you choose, less bound to throughput and overall applicability and more based on playstyle or boss mechanics. From a Atonement perspective, the change to Divine Insight could help to reduce the costs of multiple disc priests in a raid.

Since most of the time you get 2 tanks with one getting regularly damage, it gets difficult to get Rupture efficiently off, when you have more than 1 or 2 discs. With the new Divine Insight, you basically get every 11 sec(9 sec cd and 2 sec channeling time without regarding haste and Train of Thought) a chance for shielding, which alligns neatly with Rupture´s cd of 12 sec.

This should ensure(with enough damage taken on the shielded member) an effortless use of Rupture.


When we now account for the legendary meta for healer, where Penance is the only spell of our standard dps trio that triggers the clearcasting, one should be able to get some of these PW:Ss for free: no WS debuff and no mana costs on one GCD.

And don´t forget the casting time cutoff for smite through BT;)


The change to TOF is also nice but more of an uptime buff.



new Divine Insight eases multi disc-heal setups with Atonement/Penance-on-cd playstyle new TOF "just" got its possible uptime buffed Would like to see your opinions.


Edit: typo, formatting got wild after IV´s update 


Added: After taking the new Divine Insight together with Body and Soul, one can effectively get a doubled length off of BaS´s speed buff, pretty interesting for both pvp/pve

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