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Cap stats ?

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Hey guys,


Do you know if we need to not exceed a certain cap ?

By exemple, here my stats : 49% crit / 6% haste / 14% mastery / 7% versatility.

Do you think i have too much crit ?

I also read that it's better to prioritize mastery than versatility now (because versatility ask too much stats to gain %), what do you guys thinks ?


Thx :)

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must admit have been wondering about this as well, from what ive been reading if versatility is low your better off eating ver buff food, but what do you class as low in ratio to your crit.


had a look on mr robot and its telling me that my best in slot is from the new world bosses at the moment which is fine but it is telling me to lose over 4% ver and spec with more crit from the gear ?


I understand that versatility gives a better dps overall against mastery and that's what has me confused when its saying to lose it.


yes I know its just a rough guide but I'm getting lost lol



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adding more thought

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