How is Attack Power calculated nowdays?

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Azor's pawn string puts agility lower than mastery. As far as I know, attack power is nearly equal to agility. Agility is worth slightly more, because it's increased by 5% when you wear all mail armor.

( Pawn: v1: "Azor-Marksmanship": CritRating=7.05, Agility=7.79, HasteRating=7.25, MasteryRating=9.15, Versatility=7.01, Dps=25.01, RangedDps=25.01 )

Edit: how good is the trinket depends on the internal cooldown of this proc. 

In that case, its usefulness can be roughly estimated as 

(proc duration / proc cooldown) * proc effect

Wowhead doesn't show me the stats of this trinket on a 110 character, so for example lets say it gives 1000 passive crit, and 5 000 AP proc that lasts for 10 seconds on a 60 second cooldown.

Then the effects of this trinket can be averaged at:

(10 / 60) * 5 000 = 833 AP

1 Agility gives 1.05 AP (thanks to 5% increase from mail passive), so using the stat weights from Azor's pawn string:

1 AP = 7.79 / 1.05 = 7.42

That's how much DPS would 1 passive AP give you. 

We calculated that proc gives 833 AP on average, its proc effect is worth 7.42 * 833 = 6181

And the passive crit part: 1000 * 7.05 = 7050

In total: 6181 + 7050 = 13 231

Of course, this is a very rough calculation, because it assumes trinket always procs on cooldown, and it ignores a lot of things. The proc would give you more DPS if it procced during Trueshot, or it could get wasted if it procced during downtime.

The best way is of course to just sim the trinket, you can learn how to do that here: http://iridar.net/basic-simulationcraft-guide/

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