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Resto Druids. Your Opinion Please

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I really need resto druids to cast your eye over my char as I'm unsure if I'm stacking too much haste or crit. I would also love to know if theres a haste cap as most of the 870 druids I see on average have between 15-20% haste & crit.

please advise as I would like to improve my raiding healing and hopefully complete some mythic plus dungeons


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I had a quick look. only thing I have different is I use Mighty Bash and  Germination it works a bit better for dungeons. Most of the time  in Mythic + you are moving and don't have time to see the full effect of  Spring Blossoms

I would also like to know what hast's soft and hard cap is. I think softcap is 29% then you get 2 tick where you would have gotten 1.

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There are no more haste caps.  There is no cap for your stats.


Just get haste and crit for raiding and haste/mastery for dungeons and you're good to go.

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