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trinkets/talents for resto shammy (Mythic Dungeons)

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Hey there! Sorry that I missed this, but I'm going to move this over to the Shaman forum. You should get some help fairly quickly there!

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On 10/16/2016 at 10:15 PM, Blowmymace said:

Please recommend good trinkets for a resto shammy running mainly mythic+ dungeons. Preferred talent builds for mythic+ would also be appreciated.


I personally run M+ up to 10+ so far and would recommend Crashing Waves +Indulation build starting from 5+

So it would be: Indulation / Graceful Spirit / Lightning Surge / Crashing Waves / Ancestral Vigor / EotE / Ascendance.

I was running with Torrent and Ancestral Guidance and it's still fine up to 6+ but from the second affix it starts to be tight in direct healing and mana.

I use Ancestral Vigor over Earthen Shield because with most affixes the group is in constant move to avoid stuff so people constantly run away from the Shield.

Indulation without Crashing Waves is a waste of a talent - I tried it. We need 2 Tidal Waves for 2 very fast HW casts before getting the buff.

EotE so we'd have almost always a Riptide up for the HS with Indulation (Riptide>HW>HW>Riptide>HS).

Ascendance - we need more than one healing and one damage mitigation CD in high M+, and other 2 talents of this tier are not helpful in this content.


Regarding the trinkets, I personally use 850 ilvl Chrono Shard and 850 ilvl Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire. They cover both Haste and Crit and give a 15% speed boost.

I can't advise you for specific trinkets except of Vial of Nightmare Fog right away, with all the WF/TF/socket etc versions I first have to see what do you have.

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42 minutes ago, Saaram said:

Hello Pandacho! Can I ask you: what stats you use in mythic+10? How much mastery, crit and haste?

Well, I simply use the gear that dropped :) So, seeing my stats wouldn't help a lot but if you are still interested, here's my Armory.

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11 hours ago, Saaram said:

Oh, you have one gear set to 5ppl and to raid too?

As I said, we are on the start of the expansion so yes, I have pretty much one normal piece of gear for every slot. I definitely had more drops but it looks like Blizz wants to troll me so all the high ilvl drop was with Versatility while all the 835-855 gear is not a big help to me even if it has perfect stats.

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