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Movement hurting uptime %

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I have been working on my rotations.  In short fights, I've really got a good handle on it, but I still need more practice.

However, on raid fights, especially pugging, my uptimes are horrible.  Last night on dragons, I was at 80% (though an average of 225k), but I should be much higher.

In the dragons fight, I was ducking people  with the AOEs debuffs or moving because I have one, tanks not picking up adds and having to run from them even when using misdirect (only hunter last night).  I ran with another group on the same fight a couple of weeks ago and the other hunters were up in the 90s.

Can someone explain how uptimes are supposed to be in 90s, on fights where I have to move so much, and causing me to miss shots since AiS/Windburst require me to be standing still.


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As a DPS class that has to stand still and cast a big part of their time you have to be kind of selfish. Take the dragons fight - while the dragons are tanked 40 yards from each other, I stand a few yards next to a tank, targeting the dragon on the other side of the room. So I naturally deal damage to all active dragons and all adds between them. I just move as little as possible to avoid stuff. When a flower spawns like 10 yards away I do not bother! I'd rather kill the spawning adds while I stick to my normal rotation. Usually another class which cannot deal damage to two dragons so easily (or my fellow hunters that don't know better) will move and stop the flower from spawning adds.

This way our raid loses way less dps than me running all the time.

I reached 98.67% uptime and 96% perfection for my ilvl range:


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It's just a matter of experience. You don't actually have to move all that much, provided you and other raid members are dealing with mechanics as they should. Encounters are balanced around mages and others immobile casters.

When you do need to move, if there is no rush, you can just stutter step and only move while casting something that can be cast on the move.

Finally, few encounters are strict DPS checks, so most of the time it's totally fine to sacrifice DPS in order to deal with movement-requiring mechanic.

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Thanks for posting your log.  

After reformatting the CSV (since it only has 2 fields, that seems kind of weird).   I'm going through the casts and identifying target switches.  That can be a little difficult since a lot of things are multi-shot by spell or proc, especially marked shot hitting a different target after a focus switch).   Do you have your regular shots macro'd to do an autoshot  prior to  the shots (AiS, MS, SW, WB, Barrage)?

I'm not done with the analysis, but I do have a couple of comments that aren't really related to my issue:

I'm wondering of the use of "Mark of the Hidden Satyr" neck enchant.  It proced 4 times for a total of 236988.  I mean, 2 sidewinders or a decent aimed shot basically washes that damage.  Left me wishing I hadn't paid 10k for the enchant and stuck with a mastery enchant (though I'm not likely to change that I've got an 870 socketed neck with stam/haste/mastery).   In comparison, Potion of Deadly Grace procs 9 times for a total of 937339.

Also, there's a "Head Shot" in there for 71 damage.  See 1:14.3.  Do you think that's a logging error?

I don't see a TrueShot cast, but that may have been with a pre-pot cycle since I don't see the Potion of Deadly Grace started either.  Given that the fight only lasted 2 minutes, I gather that the DPS burst at the beginning is more important than waiting for the boss being at 20%.


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I don't use a macro to do autoshots (maybe I should Oo ) just the normal /startattack in the trueshot macro. In multitarget fights I tend to right click my targets because I want that one furthest away. I found out that tabbing is not the best way to get this done quickly.

Head Shot is the cast of my Engineering Goggles macroed with Aimed Shot. I mean... we're here for minmaxing aren't we? xD LOL

The fight ended at 4:49, I've casted Trueshot two times.


I wanted to begin with it and to end with is (execute phase)... in this example I simply missclicked it. Bloodlust were cast in a bad way too like a panic moment because the raid dropped, we were flooded by adds or something like this iirc - so it's not the right way to do it.

And yeah, Satyr procs were unlucky. It usually does about 2% of my damage. For 4 or more target fights Mark of the Trained Soldier is better anyway, so feel free to use this.

Maybe you want to check on another add heavy fight like Cenarius.


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Ok, this sounds really obvious, but...the trick is to move when you have instant-cast abilities available and use cast-time abilities when you are able to hold still.

The skill part comes with knowing the encounter well enough to know when to do which.  For instance, you can save up the instant-cast abilities if you know you're going to have to move.  The issue with this is that it means that you might not take full advantage of your Vulnerable duration.

The really important thing to avoid is getting partway through a cast, then needing to move.  That interrupts your cast, reduces your active time, and destroys your DPS.  That means knowing the encounter well enough that you can anticipate it ahead of time.

Of course, you could always switch specs.  Neither Beast Mastery nor Survival have cast-time abilities.  Beast Mastery isn't terrible, and it gives more utility.  Survival just got buffed, so it might be good, too.

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