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Disc Lack of tank synergy or bad tanks?

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I've just gotten to the point that I can run some heroics and for the most part have been enjoying them. I feel that any time I'm with a paladin or warrior tank the run is really easy to heal. Runs where a druid or a demon hunter are tanking I feel useless. 

It seems to me that smaller heals over time are helped with the small sustained damage that the shield using tanks take. Also it seems that the absorbs from PW:S don't erase immediately on them whereas they are gone right away on the leather tanks. Am I wrong? Maybe the tanks were not using cooldowns as much, but the healing on the DH's were through the roof. 

I don't think I've run with a brewmaster and the runs with the DK's I felt that I was an underpowered dps most of the time. 

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Druids are completly useless as tanks for disc so it s nothing you are doing wrong. It tends to be because their mastery works the way it does, which gives them inc healing recieved and more hp. Since we do alot of small heals, larger hp pool does nothing for us. I dunno if it might be that the healing recieved buff does not work with out atonement heals but that could be a reason they are so bad for us.

Demon hunters are the same style of tanking.

The reason palas and warriors are so good for us is because they block the heavy burst dmg so our hots just keep them consistently high. If you pay attention you will realise that warriors specially take so few hard hits in this exp while druid take so many large hits.

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