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Agillity question

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Hey there Hunters!


i have a question about agillity. I saw the hunter in the latest simcast for 840 raids, and they are roughly around 21k agaility. And my hunter with a better gear score has less agillity. My weapon is further upgraded and ilvl on agillity items are better than 840 for the most part. how is that possible?


are there differences with the races or anything? I dont understand it and it tilts me!


PS: I will add an example how i saw this and wondered.



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Your friend uses two trinkets with 1.000+ agility while you use only one with agility. Agi enchant on cloak is missing. Your friend got some items with higher ilvl than yours plus your ilvl is raised by a 895 legendary w/o agi.

But hey, agility is not everything. You have 8% more mastery and mastey > agi.

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