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LF ret pally logs review

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Long story short, my guild ret pally sims fairly well but his dps is lacking. We have tried helping him by review his artifact path, talents, and simming his stat weights for him but his performance hasn't improved up to his sim value. No one in our guild has rolled paladin before so we really don't have any expertise in reviewing his logs or gearing. Let me know if you need any more information. Thank you for your feedback.



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I have the same exact issues. I exactly the same gear - even trinkets.


I think two major changes :

haste - this needs to get to 25% or more. it's a must. 

trinkets - the BiS drop from Nyth , Faulty Counter, Spiked... 


as for rotation, I think I need to figure that part out. 

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From looking at the logs for Nythendra (It's a nice tank'n'spank to check rotation etc. and going through every single boss in detail will take a hella long time!) he used Templar's Verdict a few times without Judgment de-buff on the boss (Logs) which is a DPS loss.

Wake of Ashes should be used on CD, he missed a couple of casts of it, 7 uses instead of a possible 9 (Logs) - and when possible (ie. it wont sit off CD for more than ~5 seconds) should be used towards the end of Crusade preferably at 15 stacks.

Blade of Wrath should be used as much as possible - he did pretty good with this, 35 casts out of a 'possible' 43 if you take other things into account that's not bad going but could maybe get it up a little.

His gear and stats look good, he's hitting his haste cap and stacking crit over that point. His legendary isn't very good and his trinkets aren't the best though so that won't help his DPS. Also he seems to only use 1 potion per fight, and when it makes up like 8-12% of the damage even from only 1 use, that's a lot of potential damage lost.

Also, he isn't using Greater Blessing of Might on 3 targets for every fight, should preferably be used on frequent hitting classes to increase proc chance (Rogues, Enhancement shamans are good etc.)

These are all relatively minor issues really, he isn't doing anything glaringly wrong just a few little things that are adding up against him - but I'd say probably the biggest reason for low rankings is only using 1 potion and gear, such as lack of a decent legendary or really strong trinkets. He doesn't seem like a bad player in terms of rotation, his DPS sims at around 300k (and that's if he gets to stand and attack constantly, see below) so to get 230k on Nythendra with all the movement and Rot etc. isn't bad going; he could probably get that up to 260+ with his current gear if he uses a second pot and optimizes and perfects his ability usage.

Sinrath_Active : 303660 dps

(Side note - If he takes Divine Purpose instead of Crusade (which he has on Armory) he needs to make sure he uses Justicar's Vengeance instead of Templar's Verdict when he gets a Divine Purpose proc)

Hope this helps :)

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