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Hey guys, 

I feel like I'm having some issues in 5man groups when it comes to high "group" dmg like 2-3 debuff ticking on members or members standing in aoe  and in addition the tank is getting a lot of dmg. 

I am not quite sure how to react right because I am using the raid spec with only light of dawn as aoe heal. 

It feels like when I focus on my members, the Tank is dropping to hard. And if I focus on the tank,  I see my group members dying :/

Should I switch to beacon of virtue or is it just lack of skill? Tbh Legion is the first addon for me playing a healing class. 

Thanks for any advice 


/edit: Arsenal link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/blackmoore/Jhoras/simple

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im sure people are going to argue with me on this one...but stack more haste.  I have a raiding set and a 5 man set...raiding set is crit heavy..5 man set is haste.   faster heals, faster shock comes off cooldown.  i use aura mastery, holy prism, and judgement of light.   I dont like virtue, although most people swear buy it in 5 mans, it eats too much mana for my liking. but thats just me, try it out.  if shit is going pear shaped bubble and martyr the fk out of shit.  we dont ahve the moibilty of some classes so we have to make ourselves more mobile..faster casting and smart choices. dont forget you have aura mastery and tyrs deliverance...that weapon spell is amazing and can get your ass thru some moderate aoe damage.  again..this is the typical play style, i do what works me. play around with stats and skills youll find your own groove

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