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My guild is currently 6/7 H EN. I feel like I am underperforming. I know my trinkets are not great but I feel like I do a good rotation. Any help to improve would be appreciated.




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Just judging off of ursoc, you're not using legion potions easy 4 million increase if using potion of old war less if using prolonged power, your, cd management wasn't to great you spent between 10-15 seconds on both soul reapers and apoc casts which is a large dps decrease, and your dark transformation uptime was really weird honeslty you missed like 2 DTs because you spent a minute between each cast when it should be around 35-40 seconds at most.


Honestly though other than that I do not see problems that standout, I suggest fixing these errors and coming back with more logs if you continue to see some struggles.

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- Enchant neck with Satyr
- Use Str Gems
- Relics - try aiming for DPS Relics (+ Runed Crusader % /  Festering strike / Virulent Plague / Death Coil )
- You're using WoD Str pot -  use Potion of the Old War
- Spell Eater change to LA, (I prefer using Lingering Apparition, reduced CD on mobility to keep non-dot-uptime helps massively, your call though)

Dragons of Nightmare

Missed 1 Apoc cast
Missed 1 DT Cast
Missed 1 SR Cast
Missed 7 D&D casts
You're managing your runic capping fine, missed 4 Festering Wounds due to capping.

Missed 2 Apoc Casts
Missed 3 DT's
Missed 4 SR's
Missed 10 D&D's
127 secs Runic Capped  (accumulative) 

Missed 1 DT
Missed 1 SR
Lost 10 wounds to capping

Elerethe Renferal
Missed 1 Apoc
Missed 1 DT
Missed 1 SR
Missed 9 D&D's
Lost 7 Festering wounds to capping

You're missing a lot of your mass DPS abilities, either you're breaking rotation for what ever reason and then not continuing it.  This shows as your current percentile is 52% Average across all fights, plenty of room for improvement.

Suggest you use a priority spell list addon to familiarise yourself with the rotation a little better, this isn't to degrade you, maybe you've not built it into memory yet but use one of the below to avoid missing cooldowns.

OVALE Priority spell list.
or a custom Weak aura rotation provided by a few peeps on here.
(personally I use OVALE with the custom 7.1 simm script)

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