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834 Arms Warrior - Just getting started.

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I know my DPS can be great, I've also been snooping around here but I seem to be missing something.

My rotation is as follows:

Charge>CS>FRx3>BC>MS>WB>Slam - Repeat. I'm sure I'm messing it up but I really am new to this.

So, what am I doing wrong, I know my weapon needs the third talent unlocked and I'm working hard on it - hopefully tonight but beyond that, everything else looks good right? 


Here is a bad sample of a Normal Nythandra. 


It said I was only active 62% of the time and I don't recall dying. 

I can obviously try again on a training dummy but they're never the same are they? 

Thanks for any assistance. 

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I would also like to find a WeakAuras or something and see if maybe that would help but mostly I've found them to be a bit hindering and not really helpful in learning rotation/tellmewhen type sense. 

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Gear is now up to 841 and also edited the upper post with the Advanced view. Gear is updated and currently sitting at around 17 crit, 15 or 16 haste, and 75% mastery.

I can try to get a better Log view on a dummy, maybe that will give a better picture. I seem to be sometimes running out of Rage and ending up with too much Melee. 

What would help get some results produced to analyze the problem? 


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