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Demo Locking - What Can I Do Better

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Hey all. I've been playing destro almost exclusively since 5.2 and before that, I was affliction. My guild's progressing on heroic ToT and we will probably be doing some attempts on heroic Council soon, so last night in our normal mode raid, I decided to go Demo for our Council kill. I haven't ever played demo in a raid setting before, but I got a little bit of practice in on training dummies to at least get a feel for the rotation. I was pleasantly surprised by how well I did on the fight, dps wise, since I'd always been on the low end as destro. That said, I was wondering what I could do better in your most expert opinions. =)


A few things I know just from reading guides is I wasn't glyphed for Imp Swarm, but my decision to go demo for this fight was a pretty snap one. We were about to pull when I said 'wait, hold on a sec.' so I wasn't really prepped or talented for it (I'd been Aff for a brawler's fight, switched to Demo and never fixed my talents and glyphs). I also never popped my doomguard. There's no particular reason, I was just focusing on getting the demo rotation down and kind of forgot all about it. Whoops. As I get more comfortable with demo, I'll hopefully remember that in the future.

Other than that, any advice you guys have would be much appreciated.


Also, I know that UVOLS is pretty much *THE* trinket for demo and I'm hoping I'll get it soon, but when I do get it, should I replace Wushoolay or Cha-Ye?

Thanks in advance. =)

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Only looking at Council, I have the following comments:

Why no Doomguard? You and your other guild's Warlock didn't use Doomguards. This is silly.

Otherwise, everything looks fine. Cooldown uses were good, spell priority looks good. Suggest to your other Warlock buddy that he cast more than 2 Soul Fires while in Metamorphosis. It looks as if he did everything else good, but this was a major mistake. He's got the Unerring trinket and you almost beat him. That shows you're the better Demonology Warlock and he's got you because THAT is how awesome the trinket is. Keep it up, get your trinket, use your Doomguard, and smoke him.

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Yeah, I was tunneling pretty hard on my rotation, but I'll be more mindful of my doomguard in the future. Not really sure why the other warlock didn't use his, though.

The biggest thing, I think, will just be getting comfortable with the spec itself to where I'm doing everything more by instinct than anything, but I was just curious on whether I could improve anything outside of that. Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised by my dps, but I want to be the best that I can be for heroic progression. Reaaaaally want that Ra-Den kill before 5.4. Thanks for the advice. =)

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