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Hello, fellow hunters!  


Long-time lurker, first time poster.  My guild has started raiding recently and I'm concerned that I'm not performing as well as I should.


Now, I know there are a few issues with my character.  First, I don't have enchants or gems.  I'm going to get those taken care of soon.  Second, I didn't fully look at my weapon's artifact tree before selecting artifact traits, so there are a few sub-optimal choices and I'm in too deep to refund.


I have run the simulation for Ursoc (which I believe is for Heroic) through Ask Mr. Robot.  It simulates that my DPS should be close to 260k with my current gear.  Our logs for the raid have me just shy of 195k.  I'm not sure what it is that I may be doing wrong with my rotation here.  I feel like I'm only firing off my AS and MS while Vulnerable is up and my Windbursts and Barrages while it's down.  One thing I believe I am doing incorrectly is my True Shot timing.  I need to start it at the beginning of most fights in order to get two uses out of it.


 Please help!

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Thank you very much!  This site is great for the little details!  I am a very visual person, so these breakdowns really help me understand where I am be sub-optimal.


The comparison helps me see what I can potentially do, at least when my gear is a little closer to yours in power.


I'm going to work on keeping my focus for capping now as that's something I have not been doing.  I was under the impression that we shouldn't cast AS at all while Vulnerable is down, this changes that.

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