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Mitigation math help!

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Hey everyone!

I've got a question and my math is horrible so I need help from anyone more interested in that department ^^

It's about Witch Doctor passive "Jungle Fortitude" vs. "Swampland  Attunement".
15% Dmg reduction vs. 120 Fire, cold, physical and poison resist per enemy in range.

While it goes without saying that builds like Jade Harvester and Firebats will ultimately benefit most from Swampland due to it's melee heavy nature, where exactly does the line go for the others?

The question:
How many enemies in a GR70 (example number) needs to be in range for Swampland Attunement to reach the same dmg mitigation as the 15% from Jungle Fortitude?

I'm playing the Poison Darts in Hardcore and need one of them but I'm mostly using the Jungle Fortitude as it is now because it feels like I'm getting more out of this not only because of the range you are at but also because it covers more dmg types (ex. arcane lasers, lightning storms).

I'm still curious to know however since the times where you are actually in trouble, perhaps the physical resist from Swampland ultimately is more beneficial? Right now I can clear GRs with both on (60-65) but to reach higher I'm starting to slowly remove defensive items/skills/passives for more dmg as my gear improves so one of them simply has to go.

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Not much math needed.  Look at "120 Fire, cold, physical and poison resist per enemy in range"

First, I'll bet that not many enemies remain in range for long, thus SA isn't doing much. "I'm mostly using the Jungle Fortitude as it is now because it feels like I'm getting more out of this".  Another question is what 'range'?  It isn't much good against anything beyond that 'range' and DR plays all night long.

I playing a LeapBarb currently, I had two immunity ammys until recently, Fire and Arcane.  I laughed at Poison and Cold, poison you just move out of and cold is simple, the explosion doesn't affect anything not in touch with the ground.  The multiple Lightning bulbs give me the most trouble at current levels.  With the removal of arcane immunity, I simply get out of the way (just like poison) and retreating from a serious light show is not that common.  Not sure why a Master of Minions would encounter physical threats (played WD on PTR prior to S6 and remember nothing of that sort).  Chanter mercs like making chickens....

Swampland Attunement, 2 of the 3 damage reduction offers are not threatening.  Your primary Core is intelligence, a percentage of which adds to resists, as armor gems and augments do also.  I remember thinking about Swampland on PTR, I never used it.

There are planner tools that will do the math, watching Toughness gives you a clue.  I think the question only comes down to the Guardian, are the ones giving you trouble using fire cold or physical?  What does your death cheat do?  Overall, when you look at many builds, they usually contain some form of all-around damage reduction -- only the Monk comes to mind with Harmony with regards to resists.

The easiest thing to do is check the leaderboards and see if anyone is using what you plan. (Not that I pay serious attention to what others build suites are, but it never hurts to check and rethink).

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