Trailblazer Idiosyncrasies

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Noticed a few things about the new trailblazer talent that bear noting.  They don't really impact it's value, but being aware of them can help you make better use of it.  Observations were largely while in survival spec, so potentially it could behave differently when interacting with other abilities/talents.

It stacks with nearly everything.  Not mounted speed that I could tell, but with both the fast and slow cheetah buffs, making the 9 seconds a 60% run speed, and quite nice.  Also with every other run speed boost I tried, like rocket boosts or buffs from group mates.

Pet attacks don't seem to affect it at all.  Your pet can go to town without slowing you down.  Also it doesn't drop when you Auto attack.  While auto attacking is pretty weak so as to really not impact anything in current content, it speeds up running old instances for mogs and pets quite a bit. Certainly more than posthaste.  I haven't really played much beast, but if it works this way for beast pets it seems very abusable.  Especially if you can concussive shot without dropping the buff.

Non damaging effects don't seem to impact it.  Landing snares or traps doesn't seem to do anything.  But applying a dot will.  Not the damage tick from an existing dot though.  You can lacerate/exposive trap and book it, easily outrunning mobs and letting your pet wear them down.  Useful for fighting things that overpower you when soloing elites, or when your group dies and you want to mop up in a dungeon.

Important to note that it does NOT play well with caltrops.  Each tick of dot application will drop the buff.  So pretty much permanently.

The timing also seems... Odd.  For things like the caltrop ticks, it drops for the full 3 seconds.  But for other things it sometimes seems to come up significantly faster.  Often down to 2 seconds flat.  It might be interacting with latency differently for button pushes than passive effects, I'm not really sure.

Anyway.  It's not all that useful in a raid.  But in small group and solo content, if you work around its quirks it seems to actually be better than the warlords cheetah aspect.

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i was trying it for a few minutes... what i do not like over post hate is it breaking snares. losing the ability to break snares in both PvE and PvP trumps everything good that comes from trailblazer... If disengage removed snares baseline it would change the talents power to a more even keel thus making trailblazer more useful

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