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From arms to fury, what went wrong?

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Hi guys,


I played fury in WoD and also started playing fury in Legion, but as you all know arms did way more damage at the beginning of Legion so I decided to play arms.

Since last Patch the defference between fury and arms is not this big anymore and i would like to play fury because, tbh, i fcking hate playing arms.

So i did some simulating on simcraft and that showed me on arms i would do ~380k dps and fury ~250k and i practiced fury on the dummy and i also did ~250k.

I have to say that i don't have haste in all of my socket because i still need to play arms because of the damage but only my sockets and ringenchants shouldn't do that much defference.

With Fury i have 20% crit, 23%haste, 50% mastery and 2% vers right now with an ilvl of 870 (fury weapon 883, arms weapon 902).

Wth am i doing wrong? Here is the Link to my armory, but it should be shown as Arms, but you can see my talents (already changed from carnage to massacre btw.) and my gear for fury is almost the same except belt and cloak.


Maybe you have an Idea.

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I don't see anything inherently wrong with your talents or gear, aside from gearing for mastery, which you explained already.

A combat log would go a long way toward helping.


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Hi Satoss,

Coming from feral to warrior I struggled myself. However, that struggle is no longer there. I see you are like 27 Artifact Traits into fury, which is absolutely substantial, seeing you only need 21 Artifact Traits to reap the benefits of Fury. Provided you properly skip BloodCraze, Uncontrolled Rage, And Wild Slashes. Ultimately saving Rage of the Valarjar for the last golden. 

A couple things I want to make totally clear. Your haste is too low. You have a good 8 item levels on me and I range around 35% haste. Ideally, what I have right now is 20% crit, 35% haste, 36% mastery. Ideally, I want to drop more mastery, but its what it is. I have no problems with dps. Now sustained, I tend to dip. But I burst well over a million single target. 

With that being said, two things I cannot stress enough about fury. A. ITS VITAL to combine Odyn's Fury with Battle Cry. It's 100% unacceptable to use one without the other. 2. Your lack of haste is costing you more and more Raging Blows as the fight goes on. Also, the lack of haste is costing you Rampage's. Less Haste = Less Rage. Especially with the Endless Rage Talent. 

Lastly, I find single target, like Mythic Nythendra, going Avatar is a pretty strong must to really get Fury shining. 


All in all, the problem is purely haste in your case. I value haste so much, I swap out 880 gear for 845 and 860 gear just for haste. Also, another thing I notice that's killing you is your Artifact Relics. You have all the wrong Relics. Literally, not a single one is good for you that you are using. In my experience and in my opinion, Using Relics that Increase Rampage damage is huge, also using relics that increase raging blow damage is also huge. 

For me, I use Torch of Shaladrassil, Uplifting Emerald, And Conquered Summit as my Relics increasing Rampage Damage. My Rampages hit for an additional 18%. But, as I said Raging Blow Relics are 100% completely acceptable.


I hope I was able to shine some light for you! Def message back if you have any questions. 

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Typed Glyph instead of Relic :)

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54% isn't bad, it's right in the middle of the pack as far as parses go. Your gear and stats are fine, your opener is fine, your Enrage uptime is fine; I don't see any glaring errors.

I maintain that, for whatever reason, Fury was balanced around Ayala's Stone Heart. That one piece of gear pushed my parses from 50 and 60% to 90-99%. It sucks that it's so reliant on luck to get.

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