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Is there a big difference is using the  stat weights listed in azors guide versus the ones you get from simcraft? 

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Simulationcraft is a tool, and any tool is only good when applied properly. 

If you correctly import your gear, talents and adjust Action Priority List to reflect your playstyle, then stat weights from simcraft will always be more precise than a general purpose string.

To compare my own string vs Azor's:

( Pawn: v1: "Azor-Marksmanship": CritRating=7.05, Agility=7.79, HasteRating=7.25, MasteryRating=9.15, Versatility=7.01, Dps=25.01 )

( Pawn: v1: "Sidewinders ST": Agility=8.4, HasteRating=8.39, MasteryRating=10.66, CritRating=8.17, Versatility=8.79, Dps=27.13 )

As you can see there are some minor differences. Stat weights will always float around, whenever you change a piece of gear or a talent. 

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